Touring the West

Grand Tetons


Escalante Was Here


Split Rock and Sweetwater River on the Oregon Trail


Three Amigos on the Oregon Trail near Split Rock


Safe House
near Split Rock


Moss Rock and Juniper
near Split Rock


touring the west with Cowboy Joe
north of Kiowa


touring the west with Geronimo


touring the west with Cochise


Upper Mesa Falls, Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, Idaho


Grand Tetons


Valley of the Tetons


Castle Gardens
south of Moneta Wyoming


Wall Writing
Castle Gardens




the stone folk of Castle Gardens


King David and his falcon


Lot’s Wife


My Grandfather’s Ranch and the Twin Peaks


Upper Green River Lake


Upper Green River
between the lakes


lower Green River Lake


Big Sandy Creek


Falls River


Palace of the Sun
south of Escalante, Utah


Grand Canyon


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