Wild West Wildflowers

Wild  West  Wildflowers
near  Yellowstone  Lake

near  Roubaix  Lake
near  Custer  Peak
near  Old  Fort  Laramie
near  Powder  River
In  the  Black  Hills
Custer  Battle Field   Battle of the Little Big Horn
where  Custer  Fell  June 25  1976
Custer  Battle  Field
Fort  Robinson  Nebraska
Custer National Forest I
Custer  Forest  II
Custer  Forest  III
Custer  Forest  IV
Custer Forest V
Custer Forest VI
Custer Forest VII
Custer Forest VIII
Custer  Forest  IX
On July 25th 1874, General Custer led an expedition into the Black Hills on the Wyoming / South Dakota border through an astonishing  valley of flowers.  The botanists identified 52 varieties just within the circle of the camp.  The soldiers decorated their horses with the flowers.
Custer Forest X
Bridal  Veil  Falls  in  the  Black  Hills


Rabbit  Country
Pryor  Mountain  I
Pryor  Mountain  2
Pryor  Mountain  3
Pryor  Mountain  4
Pryor  Mountain  5
Pryor Mountain 6
Max  on  Pryor  Mountain
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